Skin Needling

Skin Needling
Plus $200 any subsequent procedure in a treatment program
Face and Décolletage
Plus $250 any subsequent procedure in a treatment program


Skin needling (fractional mesotherapy) procedure incorporates the use of the hyaluronic acid or other compounds that can be customised. Hyaluronic acid or other compounds are introduced through microchannels into particular areas under the skin which allows targeted treatment.

This method is very popular because it combines advantages of the traditional mesotherapy procedures while getting rid of their weaknesses.

Skin needling (fractional mesotherapy) procedure is very effective in many cases including: open pores treatment, black heads treatment, face lifting, acne and acne scarring treatment, wrinkles reduction, skin rejuvenation, sun damaged skin treatment, rosacea treatment, skin whitening, pigmentation treatment, melasma treatment, scars treatment, stretch marks treatment.

Israel made Dermapen 3™ systematically creates micro-punctures in the skin and the body responds in a natural way by launching processes to repair the physical damage. The result is an increased production of normal woven collagen, similar to fractional laser treatments, but without the side effects and downtime.

When compared to traditional dermal rollers, Dermapen 3™ causes less epidermal (skin) damage, which reduces pain and discomfort, and makes Dermapen 3™ a safer, more comfortable, and more effective micro-needling treatment.

Treatments are performed approximately 4 weeks apart depending on skin type and condition. Although results are achieved instantly a treatment plan of a minimum 4 – 6 treatments is recommended.

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