What is semi-permanent make-up?

Semi-permanent pigmentation for Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips is deposited via needle into the first layer of the skin, the epidermis, using a special technique developed for medical and beauty purposes. Semi-permanent make-up lasts anywhere from 1-3 years more or less depending on the individual’s skin regeneration. Semi-permanent make-up can be touched up to refresh the design, or reshaped, or replaced with different colours or left to fade until it no longer exists.

Who benefits from semi-permanent make-up?

Individuals looking to accentuate their natural beauty in a subtle and lasting way benefit from semi-permanent make-up. These individuals may be young or elderly, male or female, high maintenance or low maintenance. It is beneficial for
• Everyone who wants to look perfect and highlight their natural beauty
• Actors, Actresses and Television Personalities needing to look their best at all times in the public eye
• Athletes, Personal Trainers and Professional Swimmers who want to maintain a lasting attractive appearance while exercising, sweating and swimming
• Individuals with poor eyesight or unstable hands who want perfectly arched brows, eyeliner and lip contours that are free from smudges or uneven lines

Semi-permanent make-up also benefits individuals who have unusual growth or hair loss of the eyelashes or eyebrows or lip malformation or scarring.
• Individuals who are allergic to conventional mass-produced make-up products.
• Individuals coping with hair loss due to Alopecia Areata, Trichotillomania or Chemotherapy.
• Individuals with lip malformation due to Cleft Lip/Palate, a Herpes Simplex Infection or Impetigo Contagiosa.
• Individuals with scarring due to an accident, burn, laceration, or operation

How is semi-permanent make-up different from Permanent makeup?

Permanent make-up and tattoos are pigmented into the middle and lower layers of the skin, the Dermis and Hypodermis, where they last for a lifetime. These tattoos cannot be altered in shape or colour and cannot be easily removed. Because LONG-TIME-LINER® semi-permanent make-up only penetrates the first layer of the skin, the individual has the option to change the shape and colour or let it fade away.

How is semi-permanent make-up Applied?

With a pen-like device that contains an ultra-fine acupuncture-size surgical steel (disposable and one time use only) needle that draws precise lines on the skin using a special technique.

Is semi-permanent make-up safe?

Absolutely! LONG-TIME-LINER semi-permanent pigmentation colours and pigmentation instruments used for application are medically regulated, tested and approved according to European Standards ISO13485. Our pigment colours are allergy tested, antiseptic, inorganic, of mineral origin and MRI exam safe.

How is the desired look; the shape and colour-of eyebrows, eyeliner, or lips- determined?

Our LINERGISTs® will recommend the best colour and shape to complement each individual’s features in accordance with their desired outcome. Before the procedure, our LINERGIST will conduct a preliminary drawing of your semi-permanent make-up using a matching coloured make-up pencil. If the customer is completely satisfied with the pre-drawing, the procedure will take place. After the Initial Touch Up, 10 days – 2 weeks after the procedure, the LINERGIST will perfect the procedure in shape and colour.

How long will the Procedure take?

New Client Consultation and Drawing – 40 minutes
Procedure – 2 hours
Follow Up Procedure – 30 minutes

Who does the Procedure?

Our Elite Linergist, Natalya Aksyonova, a LONG-TIME-LINER certified semi-permanent makeup Elite Linergist and image consultant.


Long-Time-Liner’s® goal is to enable Linergists to work with the maximum level of precision and to ensure that our customers have a relaxing experience, leading to the best possible results. The company has therefore been continually developing and improving its semipermanent make-up technology for over 20 years


Our goal is to enable trained Linergists and doctors to work with the greatest amount of precision and to ensure that customers and patients receive the most relaxed and least stressful treatment possible. We thereby make sure that the end result of all treatment is optimal pigmentation.
It is for this reason that Long-Time-Liner has been continuously developing and perfecting the technology of pigmentation since the firm was founded 20 years ago. Long-Time-Liner® develops the micro-pigmentation devices and inks itself, which are manufactured in Munich.

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